You have chosen an establishment awarded with the international ecolabel
Green Key. We are actively working with environmental and sustainability issues, by following Green Key’s comprehensive criteria. In this way, as our guest, you help to take responsibility for the environment without compromising your experience or convenience during your stay.


Green Key is an international environmental certification scheme and recognized environmental management system for accommodation and tourist businesses and is found in over 50 countries around the world. The scheme is run internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and is recognized by the world’s leading organizations in the field of environment and education, such as UNEP, UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization. Green Key is the only environmental certification in Norway recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).
Green Key is a relatively new scheme in Norway and is growing rapidly. More and more hotels, camping businesses and smaller accommodations are starting the process towards certification.
The FEE Norway foundation owns and operates the scheme in Norway. Certified businesses must apply for annually renewed certification. Applicants are assessed by an independent jury, and are regularly checked through mandatory audits, in order to ensure quality that all the criteria are met.


The Green Key certification is awarded to businesses that meet strict environmental and sustainability criteria, within 13 different areas. Here are some examples of the measures we have implemented:
• We use energy-saving lighting and have routines to reduce energy consumption from heating and ventilation
• We have implemented measures to reduce water consumption significantly.
• We sort our and our guests’ waste at source
• We use eco-labelled detergents that are gentle on both you and the environment
• The staff is involved in environmental work and regular training within the barekraft track model
• We work continuously to @ improve our own efforts by designing annual milieu goals


Norwegian Wild believe that nature is a happy place for great experiences. Nature, the sea, our community and spirit of adventure is what defines Norwegian Wild. Therefore we believe it is important to operate according to the values of responsible tourism and to give back

We give 10% of our profit from activities back to our community as a thank you for the loan of the beautiful nature we are surrounded in.  The money will be spend on sustainable work or facilitation in the nature and community.  This is our way to give our small part as a company and take responsibility. We cannot save the world but we can make a difference.