About us

Hege , the founder, inspired by her own experiences in the outdoors, sought to merge adventure and transformative experiences with social responsibility, accommodation and giving back to community and nature, fell in love with Senja Island many years ago when Hege’s husband Stig-Jarle took her to his mother home place Senjahopen north on Senja. Hege felt more at home on Senja Island and related to the nature, people, and culture here.


In 2017 Hege and Stig Jarle packed their bags and moved to Senja together with their three children to fulfill the dream. They saw the potential and bought this forgotten place. The dream is to create unforgettable experiences from the most wonderful place on Earth. We want guests to feel close to nature, go from high puls to low puls, and listen to the amazing sounds of silence. 1 of May 2017 Norwegian Wild was born and the wild adventure began!


Thank you so much for visiting us and Senja. We cannot thank you enough!


Don’t hesitate to ask questions too us and our team, we will do our very best to help you.


Best adventures regard Hege & Stig

Hege Enge Dekkerhus

Founder/CEO Hege, the founder of Norwegian Wild, believes that nature is a happy place for great experiences. Norwegian Wild was founded on that single truth. She has brought this to life through our activities and adventures. Inspired by her own experiences in the outdoors, Hege sought to merge adventure and transformative experiences with social responsibility and giving back to the community. She is also our kayak guide and instructor. She means that a smile defects more than a virus! “I cannot save the world alone but I can make a difference”!



Stig is our handyman and works out here as often he can on his spare time. He loves spending time outdoors and favorite activities is fishing, cross-country skiing and kayaking. Together with Stig there is always a good laughter and conversation.



Our Resort lies at the front gate to the National Park, a quiet and gentle pine forest with perfect hiking terrain for all ages. The fresh air and calming nature surrounded by mountains and sea is a perfect example of the Norwegian outdoor experience.


Senja is adorned with impressive mountains. Senja mountains provide hikers and outdoor enthusiasts with challenging yet rewarding experiences amidst the island`s breathtaking scenery.


Our Resort is located down by the sea. The fjord is stunning when the ocean goes from high tide to low tide. The fjord not only provides spectacular scenery but also opportunities for activities like kayaking or simply enjoying the tranquil beauty of the coastal surroundings