Get back in touch with Senja nature and enjoy the breathtaking landscape from fjord to forest where wildlife is just by your room window. Sit down and relax while nature takes the main role and shows you the northern light, arctic lights, and midnight sun.

The lighthouse




We believe that nature is a happy place for great experiences inside as well as outside. We offer accommodation and activities in the pristine wilderness on Norway’s second largest island, Senja. We aim to provide “close to nature” experiences in a cozy and authentic environment.

How to get here

Reach Norwegian Wild at Senja via Bardufoss Airport, then enjoy a scenic drive. Alternatively, drive from Tromsø or take public transport. Ferries offer a unique approach by sea. Contact us for more details and assistance.

WE ARE LOCATED down by the sea, close to the fjord and forest


Our Resort lies at the front gate to the National Park, a quiet and gentle pine forest with perfect hiking terrain for all ages. The fresh air and calming nature surrounded by mountains and sea is a perfect example of the Norwegian outdoor experience.


Senja is adorned with impressive mountains. Senja mountains provide hikers and outdoor enthusiasts with challenging yet rewarding experiences amidst the island`s breathtaking scenery.


Our Resort is located down by the sea. The fjord is stunning when the ocean goes from high tide to low tide. The fjord not only provides spectacular scenery but also opportunities for activities like kayaking or simply enjoying the tranquil beauty of the coastal surroundings

Welcome to Norwegian Wild

Norwegian Wild offers accommodation and experiences in the pristine wilderness at Senja,
Norway’s second largest island. Our purpose is to provide “back to nature”-experiences in a cozy and
authentic environment.


Hyttekroa, direct translated from Norwegian to English is CABINCAFÈ. Here you will get the feeling of visiting a Norwegian home cottage. The café is located just by the entrance to Norwegian Wild with a lovely seaside view. Season open